Sick of having to stay away from your partner during the lockdown restrictions? We have got good news for you – you don’t have to spend the lockdown in your four walls all by yourself!

If you cannot seem to stay in touch with your partner over phone calls, texts, video chats or social media and have made your mind to move in with them, don’t let anything stop you, but be mindful of these three things as you relocate to your partner’s during the COVID crises.

Clear Expectations and Establish Boundaries

Moving in with your partner during regular life is a big deal within itself, but doing it in the middle of a pandemic and restrictions is a completely different scenario. Before you combine households with your partner, it is best to set out your expectations and clearly communicate with them about mutual commitments around finances, cleaning and cooking responsibilities, and personal space.

Follow Guidelines Around Cleanliness and Physical Distancing

If you’ve already planned to set up house in one, it’s absolutely necessary to have an open conversation about safe hygiene practices and physical distancing guidelines with your partner. Establish rules for personal hygiene, routine cleaning and disinfecting of your property so that you can keep the virus at bay and make the best of this pandemic. If you ever get annoyed because your partner is leaving the toilet seat up or not picking his dishes, be patient and tell them about how unhygienic these things can be.

Hire Professional Movers Following Safe Hygiene Practices For Moving Your Items

There has never in the history of this world been a bad time to live together, but humans can’t survive in isolation, and if you and your partner are wanting to move together to fight this isolation, we’re in it with you. Removalist On Run is a team of industry professionals who endeavour to make your move a positive and safe experience by following stringent hygiene protocols and industry guidelines at all stages of the process.

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Removalists on the Run can help turn your move into a safe, stress free and fun experience.
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