Moving a business is a definitively unique process compared to moving a house. It can be a very complex and time-consuming task. The decision to move is not a small one, it affects everyone involved in the business, therefore it requires a lot of thoughtful project planning before management, and during the consultation to ensure an easy and smooth relocation. Here are our top 3 fuss-free tips to achieve such a transition in the busy bustling world of the Melbourne CBD.

1. It is all in the Planning:

With so many processes involved, planning early so you can understand what needs to happen is important. Often commercial relocations need very strict deadlines which could be down to leases having strict expiry dates. Disrupting productivity can also be costly for the business so organising strategies to create effective methods and pathways to ensure business operations may continue amidst the move.

2. Hire for extra help:

Call on the help of professional business removalists will make sure that the transition is smooth and important items and information is safely protected and moved in order to meet set deadlines and avoid your staff from taking on extra tasks aside from their main roles and responsibilities which should be their main focus. The less your staff has to focus on the relocation, the more the business and change of the location and necessary accesses etc, will flow smoothly and cause little to no disruption.

3. Communicate:

Communication is key for a move in the CBD, when new methods of transport and locations change, procedures, security, and risk mitigation will all then likely change and therefore all staff will need to be made aware o these new processes. Holding meetings and providing step-by-step letters of information will ensure your staff is aware o what is happening and the steps they need to take to ensure this transition happens smoothly. It is also important to be in contact with IT. One of the more sensitive aspects of the move will be the disconnection and reconnection of technology. Not only are computers and the equipment your company provides important to staff and the function of business but it’s also the behind scene servers critical to company safety and production that are risky to move. If a mistake is made with IT relaxation your risk losing valuable data and this could be a breach of data laws. Therefore continuing to communicate with the levels of your IT team and other services within your business will be important to that fuss-free relocation you are looking for.

If your offices are due to relocate then entrust your move to our Removalist Professionals at Removalists on the Run. Call us on 0431 460 360 to discuss your fuss free options.

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