Moving to a new apartment gives you a perfect chance to start afresh and bring back the spice in your life that might have gotten lost in your old and mundane setting.

Agree with us? We feel your excitement!

Nevertheless, as exciting as it might sound, moving can be a daunting and mind numbing task.

At Removalists On the Run, we are equipped to make your move easier. With our expert removalist solutions and 5 star reviews, you can be sure of enjoying a moving experience unlike any other on the day of your move.

Arrange Time Off Work on Moving Day

Moving is always chaotic and unsettling, but if you plan ahead, you can minimise the stress. Rather than leaving things to the last minute, draft your own checklists and start organising your household at least a few days before the move.

What’s more convenient? Arrange time off work on your moving day, and if you’re working from home like everyone else in 2020, make the most of your extra time to pack up your goods.

However, to arm yourself against anxiety and fear in the face of relocation, there are a few things that you can do yourself too. Here are our 4 top tips to make your move even more seamless on the final day.

Empty Your Cabinets Before Hand to Expedite the Process of Packing

Leaving your delicate items inside the drawers may result in damage on the moving day. Therefore, make sure you empty your cabinets and drawers well before you call your removalists. Try segregating your valuables and documents and pack them in different boxes. Leave your clothes on hangers, but don’t forget to wrap up your breakables and kitchenware with a secure padding material, and last but not the least – discard what you won’t need in your new apartment

Trust your Removalists as they are Experts in their Job

Moving your apartment might be a one off task for you, but for professional removalists, it’s their everyday job. If you’ve called a team of trained removalists to help you out – sit back, relax and supervise their process.

Whether you need help with packing, wrapping, storing, transporting or unpacking your possessions, you can trust professional removalists with anything and everything.

Disconnect Your Electronic Appliances Before the Removalists Touch Them

While small items are easier to pack and transport, large electronics like your refrigerator, dishwasher or washing machine need to be handled differently.

Since you are not a certified technician and neither is your removalist, it’s best to call an electrical professional to help you out with disconnecting your electronic appliances. Once that’s done, you can leave the transportation of your items in the hands of your Removalists.

Removalists On The Run can handle your Apartment Move

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