Many people work and live in the city, and while some enjoy the fast-paced lifestyle, others, like yourself, long to make that sea change they’ve been dreaming of. Maybe you already spend the majority of your weekends in the ocean or enjoying a stroll through the sleepy main street of a nearby coastal town. Perhaps you keep thinking to yourself, “I wish I could live here and experience this lifestyle every day”.

Uprooting your life to live by the sea may seem daunting, and you’ve probably given yourself plenty of reasons why it couldn’t work. We’ve put together five reasons why you should seriously consider making that move to the coast.

1. The community feeling in a small town can’t be beat

There’s no need to worry about being lonely in a coastal town. There are always opportunities to meet people, whether it’s at community events, societies or clubs. Joining the local gardening society or cricket club is a great way mingle with the locals and make friends.

You might also find that your city friends often make the trip to see you on weekends, especially in the warmer weather as a great way to beat the heat while catching up.

2. Things are always changing to improve your commute from city to coast

The government often invests in ways to improve transportation options, making it quicker and easier to get to your city job even if you live on the coast.

If you used public transport in the city, you can often still do so in your new location thanks to the train system. Highways are also regularly being built and improved, which means your commute won’t be as long as you’re thinking.

If you still would rather not commute, there may be employment opportunities closer to your new town, or even in it. You could even start that business you’ve been talking about.

3. There is always something to do in your spare time

While it’s true that living by the sea won’t provide you with the same kinds of entertainment as living in the city would, you will still find plenty to keep you entertained. Relaxing by the water or even getting involved in watersports is a great way to spend your leisure time, as is exploring the markets, boutiques and cafes in town. There are usually great day trips nearby as well.

And if you think you’ll miss the city nightlife, your new coastal home will still keep you satisfied by way of the many charming local pubs. Their friendly atmospheres make for a cosy, laidback night.

4. You can often get a larger house and yard for cheaper than in the city

Selling your city home could give you the chance to upsize when you move to the coast, depending on where you buy. Smaller coastal towns usually often come with smaller housing costs.

Imagine being able to give your children a large yard to run around in, especially if you lived in an apartment or townhouse in the city, or having space to actually entertain guests.

5. Hiring experienced removalists will make your sea change a breeze

The team at Removalists On the Run will have your belongings safely packed and moved to your new seaside home – and on time, too. Moving to the coast is a big change; let us take care of your items so that you can focus on planning your new coastal life.

Is it time for you to to take the plunge?

A sea change doesn’t seem so overwhelming once you consider these reasons why living by the sea is a great choice. Escape the draining city life for a potentially larger home and a more relaxed, family-friendly lifestyle.

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