The idea of living in a big, bustling, metropolitan city like Melbourne has its advantages, however lately a regional town is looking more attractive. Especially given the recent pandemic, and the fact that we are not even able to enjoy the hustle and bustle of the city, it has made many realise that a town has almost the same if not more to offer. Geelong is the perfect balance of a city life along with offering a quieter and calmer lifestyle as well. Read on to see why Geelong is a great move for you to do.

House and rent prices are more affordable

Everyone’s bucket list includes owning a home at one point in their life. It is a massive milestone we reach and sometimes defines us as an adult as we have our first proper asset. However this dream, especially for the younger generation is becoming more and more unattainable lately with the house prices growing rapidly. This is especially the case in Melbourne, with the median house price being $1,020,000.00 and the median apartment or town house price at $645,000.00

Geelong offers a more competitive and affordable market given it is considered a regional town and not in metropolitan Melbourne. In 2019 the median price for a house in Geelong was at $545,000.00, while an apartment or townhouse was at $395,000.00. This is a significant decrease to Melbourne’s housing prices, and definitely a lot more attractive and affordable. The rent prices also follow a similar trend, and this ultimately affects your cost of living. With all these savings you will be able to purchase your dream home in no time.

Good lifestyle balance

Geelong is Victoria’s largest provincial city, therefore it still offers a good lifestyle balance of the city life plus the peaceful town life – whichever you would prefer.

The city offers the same ambiances as Melbourne with the food culture and diverse nightlife, however without the flurry of traffic, and congestion. With a focus on sporting facilities, shopping, and cafes, you are able to live a balanced lifestyle, and you are able to find what you loved doing in Melbourne, in Geelong and be just as satisfied.

Beautiful Coastline and Beaches

Geelong has a stunning coastline and many beaches for you to enjoy. The beaches range from surf beaches such as Point Lonsdale, Ocean Grove, or Thirteenth Beach. Or more family friendly beaches like St Leonards, Indented Head, or Portarlington.

With the variety of beaches in the East and West, you will be able to find a beach close by to you, and one to suit your enjoyment needs.

Everything is more accessible

Geelong has a great public transport system where everything is well connected. They have an extensive train and bus network and a great app to help you navigate your way around Geelong.

Both the bus and train network allow you to get around the city, and surrounding areas, as well as regional towns such as Ballarat and Bendigo.

You also have the luxury of taking the ferry services in Geelong to get you between Queenscliff and Sorrento, with frequent services.

So with such a variety of transport options, and most suburbs being well connected, you will be cut down on travel time, and be able to enjoy life more with the quick and easy transport networks.

Melbourne is just around the corner

Keeping in mind all the points above, the fact that Geelong is more affordable, and a better lifestyle city to live, you can still enjoy Melbourne if you wish. Being only an hour drive, and with a safe highway to get you there, you will be able to enjoy the best of both worlds.

The train services between Geelong and Melbourne run every ten minutes during the weekdays, so you are able to hop on and get to wherever you would like.

Geelong and Melbourne also have a ferry service to get from one place to another if you would like a more scenic route.

There are multiple types of public transport like the Skybus of the Gull Airport Service that can get you to Melbourne Airport in a jiffy as well.

So with all these options, you will be spoilt for choice, and able to enjoy both cities.

Moving can be hard

Moving from cities can be very stressful, hard, and time consuming. It almost put us off the entire moving process no matter how exciting the new destination may be. Removalists On the Run are experienced removalists who will make this process absolutely stress-free for you. So why not call the expert movers at Removalists On the Run to take care of it for you?

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