Sometimes the moving process doesn’t happen as smoothly as we’d like. Maybe your new home isn’t
ready yet, but you can’t stay in your current one, or you don’t even have a new home organised just yet.
Whatever the circumstances are, sometimes you need to store your furniture during your move. So,
what can you do to keep your furniture safe in storage? Here are five tips for doing just that.

1. Ensure all of your furniture is in good condition

If you store any of your items without checking if they need repairing first, you’re more likely to find them damaged when you retrieve them.
Make sure you inspect for any weaknesses, secure any hinges and tighten all screws.

2. Take apart any furniture that can be disassembled

These sorts of items are much easier to store when they’re disassembled. They save you a lot of storage space, so you’ve got room for storing more.

3. Cover and protect all of your furniture – especially fragile pieces

Most of your items can be covered with sheets or plastic wrap, to protect them from dents, scratches and dings while being loaded or unloaded from storage.
Bubble wrap is a necessity when packing fragile items for storage, and padded boxes are a great idea too.

4. Don’t cram your furniture together to fit more in

This is not only dangerous, as it means that it’s difficult for you to move your way around your furniture, but it also means there’s a lack of airflow around the items. This can cause a stale smell that can be hard to get rid of.

5. Choose an expert storage company

Your furniture is in safe hands when you use a professional storage facility. These facilities provide the perfect conditions to protect and preserve your furniture while it’s packed away. Peace of mind is priceless, and so is picking up your furniture still in perfect condition.

Keep your furniture safely stored during your move

When you need furniture storage while you move, it’s important to be smart about it to ensure your items are preserved. If you aren’t confident packing your storage yourself, call Removalists On The Run on (insert number) and we’ll make sure your furniture is as safe as possible, while being stored.

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