Home ownership is becoming out of reach for more and more Australians – at least in the traditional sense. That’s why a granny flat is an attractive option; they’re less expensive and therefore more achievable. So if you’re going to make the move to live smarter, here’s what you should do before making a granny flat your new home.

Make sure you find the right spot

Don’t go for the first granny flat you see. It has to be right for your lifestyle and your budget, and somewhere that you can see yourself long term. If you’re planning on having kids, you need to factor that in when choosing a place.

You’ll also be living closely to your new landlord, so make sure that you get along with them. You’ll be sharing a yard and maybe even a driveway, so it’s important that you’re comfortable living in a granny flat on their property.

Have a written and signed agreement

Verbal contracts and handshakes won’t protect you if things go south, so have an official agreement in place at the start of your tenancy. Things don’t always go according to plan, and without an agreement you’re leaving yourself open to all sorts of costly legal issues.

This agreement should have all the details of your tenancy, such as the move-in date and any rental terms. The relevant rental authority in your state will tell you exactly what should be included and what each of you are entitled to.

Downsize and declutter

Granny flats require some creative decorating and clever storage to not feel overwhelmingly full of stuff.

Decluttering before you move will make sure that you don’t have to find as much space for things in your smaller home. Storage will only get you so far, so prioritise what you need to move. Making a list is the easiest way to do this.

If you really can’t let go of some of your items, but don’t have room in your granny flat, storage is also a solution.

Decide if you’re going to use the property’s address orget a P.O. box

It’s surprising how many people don’t change their address when they move! What you need to remember is that, in a granny flat, you’re sharing the address with your landlord. If you don’t want to share a letterbox, a P.O. box makes a convenient option.

Research the suburb and learn where important things are

You’ll feel much more at ease if you get to know your new area before you move in. The internet is a great resource, and you’ll be able to find your new supermarket or convenience store in no time.

Moving into a granny flat can be a lot harder than a larger home

If you’re moving to a granny flat, you need to be able to navigate loading your furniture into a smaller space. Doing this without damaging your new home or your furniture is tricky, so why not call the expert movers at Removalists On the Run to take care of it for you?

We’ve moved people into (and out of) many granny flats and tiny homes, keeping their belongings safe and protecting walls and floors from damage. Call us now if you’re planning your move to a granny flat.

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