Even if your new house is located more than 10km from your current house you are still able to move, including if you are moving to regional Victoria from Melbourne. However, in response to a growing number of cases in the Melbourne coronavirus outbreak, new Victorian Covid19 restrictions have been announced. Following are the things you need to be mindful of when moving house from Melbourne to Regional Victoria.

CARRY ALL THE DOCUMENTS – While moving to your new house in Regional Victoria, it is recommended to make sure you’re taking all new leasing documents or residence information. This is applicable when travelling to the new location even if it is further than 10 km.

FOLLOW THE NORMS – While moving to the new house from the new house, it is vital to maintain a 1.5 m social distance with all the team members of the removalists. Avoid large groups of people helping in the residential move and keep up good personal hygiene.

SEEK HELP FROM REMOVALISTS – You don’t have to perform a one-many army show while moving the house. But this also does not mean to call your friends or neighbours to help you. You can appoint professional removalists who can assist you from packing to moving to settling in your new home.

KNOW HOW THE REMOVALISTS ARE OPERATING – Transport and logistics are classified as an essential service, that is why the removalists are still operating. However, their working conditions might have changed. Check with them to see how they’re operating during the pandemic and how it is beneficial.

PACK AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE – So that the removalists do not touch your belongings try to pack your own things as much as possible. Removalist on the Run offer cartons in all shapes and sizes as well as the labelled cartons.

While the broad advice is to put a pause on all moving, but sometimes it’s practically not possible. We, at Removalist on the Run, are here to assist you in moving to Regional Victoria from Melbourne during the circuit breaker lockdown with utmost safety of yours as well as ours.

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