Most people don’t even think about rainy weather being an issue on moving day. There’s
usually a lot more that’s at the forefront of your mind, like getting the keys to your new place
and ensuring it’s ready for you to move in to.
But what happens when rain strikes on moving day? While it’s not ideal, there are ways to
make moving in the rain a lot simpler. We’ve gathered five tips for you to help you move your
belongings safely in wet weather.

1. Keep looking at the weather forecast leading up to the big day

You need to look at the weather forecast regularly as your move-in date gets closer. Even if
you look a few weeks in advance and it says the weather will be fine, that can change in an
This also works the opposite way too, in that even though rain is predicted, when you check
the forecast closer to the date there may actually be sunny skies after all.

2. Make the distance between your house or garage and the moving vehicle shorter

When it’s raining, the only real time your belongings (boxes, furniture, etc.) are exposed is
when you’re taking things from your house to the moving van. Getting the vehicle as close as
possible will help keep your items from getting too wet.
If you can’t get the van close enough to your house, you can always use an old tarp or
similar to act as a cover for extra protection.

3. Pack any important, delicate or precious items in waterproof wrapping

Some people pack valuables that can’t afford to get wet in bin bags, but this isn’t a
guaranteed method of keeping precious items dry. The best thing to do is wrap each item in
a bag and plastic wrap separately so that they are all waterproof.

4. If the rain stops at any point, have your extremely delicate items ready to move

Some things are too precious or delicate to risk moving in the wet weather, even with a
cover, so make sure you have these items packed and ready to go. When there’s a break in
the weather you can quickly move these items without risking damaging them.

5. Keep a towel handy to dry things as they go into the moving van

Sometimes things will get a little wet despite your best efforts, so drying them off as they get
loaded into the van is important. You don’t want to leave moisture on any boxes or other
items or your risk damage, mould growth, etc.

When do I need to postpone moving?

A little rain isn’t usually enough to reschedule, but if the weather gets worse then it’s best to
postpone the move for everyone’s safety. It’s not a good idea to be out and about in general
when there is lightning, hail or excessive wind, so don’t even think about moving in those
However, even if the rain does turn into a storm, usually it will settle or disappear within a
couple of hours. You might only need to postpone your move until later in the day, rather
than reschedule altogether.

Rain on moving day isn’t an issue when you use professional movers

If the forecast for your move-in date shows a high chance of rain, Removalists On are the
ones you should call full. We have extensive experience in moving in all kinds of weather,
and know how to work efficiently while still keeping your items and ourselves safe. Talk to us
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