Are you moving into student accommodation for the first time and not sure about how to go about
it? You might be wondering what options there are, what to take with you and what it might be like
sharing with other students. Student accommodation is a common living arrangement for many
students given the ease of accessibility to the school campus and the affordability. Living in student
accommodation doesn’t mean you have live and breathe studying; there is usually a myriad of
activities to engage in on and off-campus that don’t involve study! Here are five tips to help you
successfully move into student accommodation:

1. Explore your options before deciding on a residence.

You don’t need to share with several others if you can afford accommodation which only has
two or three people in total, that’s including you. There are often options on and off-campus
around your institution and you can select the student accommodation which best suits your
needs and desire.

2. Try not to take EVERYTHING with you.

It might seem like you need everything that you have in your existing residence, however
chances are that you can go without some of the items you have and you probably cannot fit all
your belongings within your new student accommodation. If you need to relocate everything
from where you are currently residing, consider storage options for the remainder of your
belongings which you don’t require for your new accommodation.

3. Meet your new roommate or roommates first prior to moving in.

Have a cup of coffee or a drink with them and engage in conversation to learn a little about
them before you make the big move. This helps you build a rapport with the students with
whom you will be living and can make for a more pleasant experience in student

4. Keep in touch.

Simply because you have relocated into student accommodation doesn’t mean you need to live
and breathe interactions with fellow students and peers only. Keep in touch with family and
friends and enjoy interacting with them too; keep them up-to-date on how student
accommodation life is and enjoy conversing about what you are studying or other aspects of
your lifestyle and see how things are travelling in their lives too. Get off-campus as often as you
would like to that you can catch up with family and friends and engage in activities which are not

5. Communication!

It might sound obvious but it really is an integral aspect of living in student accommodation.
Communicate with your roommates about the accommodation, about their studies and aspects
of their lives so you stay in touch with understanding a bit more about the people that you live
with. Furthermore, it is important to communicate about domestic chores such as cleaning and
cooking and potentially have a roster system so that you know when it’s your turn to clean the
residence. This is important for a conducive student accommodation living arrangement and will
make your life easier.

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