Getting your items from your old house to your new house isn’t easy, unless you’re lucky enough to have helpers and access to trailers, utes or vans. And with the rise in young people renting, moving happens a lot more often. With all this extra moving business, dodgy removalists are popping up everywhere.

Don’t go with the first removalist you find – it’s important to do your homework and make sure you find a removalist who knows what they’re doing and won’t overcharge you or damage your items.

Here are our tips for identifying dodgy removalists, so that you save yourself time, money and heartache.

1. They have more bad reviews than good

Sometimes, people give negative reviews that aren’t justified, but when the number of bad reviews outweighs the good then you can’t ignore it. If every review (or just about) is talking about the poor experience they had, then this is a company you can cross off your list.

You’ll get a good overview of the way the moving company is run, and how they do with the important aspects of moving such as promptness, efficiency and whether they overcharge.

2. They don’t give comprehensive quotes

A removalist that won’t give you a written quote or estimate is often up to no good. If they will only give you a price by phone, they can’t be held to it when it comes to moving day.

This is how many shady companies operate, as it means once they have your items they can then hold them ‘hostage’ and charge you extra to get them back. You have no recourse if you have no proof of what price you were originally told, and this blows out many a moving budget.

3. They don’t want to answer your questions, or they give vague replies

Any reputable, trustworthy removalist will be more than happy to answer any of your questions and reassure you. If they won’t fully answer what you’re asking, or avoid replying altogether, this is a pretty big red flag that they’re dodgy! Either they can’t answer or don’t want to – either way, it’s not a good sign.

4. They promise moving times that are impossible

This is another really easy way to tell if removalists are shady. Those that overpromise will inevitably underdeliver, and you pay more to learn that lesson. A large house won’t take three hours to move with only two movers, so if that’s what they tell you then don’t proceed further. These are the moving companies that offer low prices and short moving times, then charge you more once the move takes longer, which was always going to happen.

5. They don’t provide any information about their insurance or licensing

Any reputable moving company will be fully licensed and insured. If you cannot find any information about it on their website, ask them about it. If they give vague answers, or no response at all, then you’ll know that they aren’t trustworthy.

They should be licensed by the relevant industry body in your state or territory, or at least by a national one. Their insurance should also extend to your items, not just their trucks, equipment and personnel.

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