There’s nothing more exciting than moving into your home! However, the process of moving is a cumbersome and tiring adventure that involves a lot of steps and details to consider. With so much to do, it can get hard to keep track of all the things you need to keep in mind along the way. Hence, we’ve rounded up a few expert-approved tips that will alleviate your stress and help you smoothen your move.

A First Timer’s Guide To Moving Out Of Home

1. Create a schedule of chores – Whether you’re alone or a family with three kids, moving to a new place will always require you to fulfill a number of responsibilities. It’s easy for you to forget things and panic about every little job, whether it’s doing your dirty dishes, folding your clean laundry, or packing up your toiletries. What should you do in this case? Instead of succumbing to your inner self, try drafting and sticking to a schedule of chores that need to be done before you move out. If a friend or relative is willing to help out, get them on board and assign them a few jobs too. Tick off as you complete and see your progress!

2. Hire a professional moving company – Think you can do everything yourself? Think again! Hiring professional movers to manage your move will relieve you off the stress and hassle of moving. Since you have enough to worry about, it’s best to hire a team of expert movers who can help you accomplish the move efficiently. Whether it’s packing your items, loading them into the truck or delivering them to a new location, professional movers can tick off everything in minutes! Click here and get a quote from Removalist On The Run for your first move. Let them make it your best moving experience ever.

3. Connect Your Utilities – From your internet to your gas and energy connections, all your utilities need to be sorted out before you shift to your new address. Give yourself ample amount of time to talk to your service providers and arrange for these services, as most providers get booked out weeks in advance. This way, you will not have to face the frustration and inconvenience of living in a new house without important utilities. Moreover, you will not have to pay for the previous tenants’ usage.

4. Get Your New Space Deep Cleaned – Shifting to a place full of dust and grime doesn’t sound too welcoming! We recommend scheduling a deep clean of your new space a day prior to your move in date. Your new home will be much easier to clean before your packed boxes arrive in. Ready to make your next move? Get started by researching for different cleaners in your area, and comparing their quotes.

5. Change Your Locks – This is one thing many people miss out on! You cannot be sure of who all have the keys to the existing locks of your new house. It could be your old tenants, previous homeowners, or even some of your new neighbors who might have a set of spare keys. Therefore, we recommend getting the existing locks replaced before your move-in date, not to forget ordering the replacement locks ahead of time.

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