Starting a new job in a new country is exciting and scary all at once. Being transferred overseas can be an incredibly rewarding and enriching experience, but also tiring and overwhelming. To make the most of your time overseas, we’ve put together some tips to help you survive your transfer.

1. Prepare yourself

If it’s at all possible, a great way to help you adjust easier to moving overseas is to visit your new city and office and get to know your new colleagues. Be sure to research local laws, customs, etc. so that you know how to act when you’re living in your new country. If you can, organise a chat with someone else from your company who has been transferred to the same city previously, so you’re even more prepared for the experience. Minimising culture shock will help you adjust faster.

2. Start learning the language

Learning a new language takes time, but even knowing the basics will make your overseas transfer much easier. You’ll feel less frustrated and need less help if you can grasp the local language. Don’t just assume that everyone in your new city will speak English, or want to speak in it all the time. Making the effort to learn will help you make friends faster and improve your sense of belonging. Even if you can only hold a basic conversation, it will be much appreciated by your colleagues and others around you.

3. Throw yourself into the culture

Don’t compare the new city to your home in Australia, because all you’ll do is make yourself homesick. You’ll be looking back with rose-coloured glasses, and missing out on the new experiences in front of you. Things aren’t going to be like they were in Australia, and that’s fine! Embracing your new home’s culture will help you feel less of a culture shock, and make your time there much more pleasant. Fitting in with the locals as best you can will make your new life so much fun!

4. Have patience

Even with the best preparation, you may not fit in with your new culture straight away or enjoy living in your new city – and that’s okay! It takes time to learn the language, adjust to grocery shopping and doing other things in a new city, and make friends, so don’t expect too much from yourself and the experience right away. Things will get better, and you’ll adjust and adapt.

5. Use professional movers

Moving overseas requires removalists who know what they’re doing and are experienced in these kinds of moves. (insert business name here) can help you with organising the transfer of your possessions, and can also help you move large and bulky items or things you just can’t take with you, into secure storage. Your belongings will be waiting for you when you return, instead of having to sell, donate or throw away everything and buy them again if you move back home.

Lessen the stress of an overseas transfer with Removalists On the Run

If you’re being transferred overseas, you have to be willing to put in the work to learn the language and the culture and approach the experience with a great attitude. Be sure to embrace your new life, and you’ll adapt quickly.

If you’re moving overseas and want the process to go smoothly, call the team at Removalists On the Run today.

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