Your outdoor entertaining space may not be the heart of your home, but through the warmer months it’s a space to bring together your friends and family to celebrate and share a meal or two.

There’s a myriad of options for any entertaining space, but starting with your dream use of the space is always a great place to start. How many friends or family will you have over? What will you be doing? What kind of food and drinks will you want?

1. Outdoor kitchen

While it’s not furniture, considering your cooking facilities will help you decide between a high tech built in kitchen or a simple BBQ set up.

2. Dining Set

A high quality, weatherproof dining set ensures that you’ll have space for all your guests. A formal dining set isn’t necessary, but can be a great addition for passionate entertainers.

3. Lounge sets

In lieu of a formal dining set (or as well as!) comfortable lounges and a coffee table can make a cozy addition to your outdoor area.

4. Rugs and decor

Outdoor rugs can work as a showpiece, as well as protecting your outdoor flooring from the elements and damage from furniture. Addition of homewares and other decor can tie your space together, and create a more curated feel, even reflecting your interior design.

5. Fire Pit

If you have the space, a fire pit is a statement piece that will keep your guests talking by the flickering fire long into the night.

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