Moving to a new home can be overwhelming enough, but have you ever tried to move a commercial space? There are so many different factors to consider, from electrical equipment to furniture, fittings and more. The logistics of a business relocation present a challenge to any owner unless you adequately prepare and plan for the move.

Move your commercial space with ease with our quick guide below. Here’s what you can do before and during the move to make it an efficient and easy process for everyone involved.

Inform your stakeholders in advance

The key to starting your move off on the right foot is making sure that everyone who needs to be is kept informed. Staff, customers, vendors, clients – all of these stakeholders need to know what’s going on at each stage of the moving process.

Make a detailed checklist

Moving a commercial space needs a high level of project management, and checklists are a great and simple way to delegate tasks to your staff. You can easily see what has been done at any given time, and what still needs to be completed. If you leave it until the day of the move, the ensuing chaos practically guarantees that things will go wrong and be missed.

Put together a floorplan

Your removalists need to know where to place every box and piece of furniture, so be sure to get a floorplan from your new landlord. You can then amend it to suit your desired set up for your commercial space, showing where everything will go.

Giving the adjusted floorplan to the moving company also ensures that they can quickly and easily place your items in the correct spot come moving day. This makes the process much faster.

Change your address and stationery

Make sure to change your address with all the relevant places, including your suppliers and Australia Post, in advance, so that there’s plenty of time for the change to take effect. You should also order business cards and other stationery with the new commercial space’s details so that you’re ready to hand them out when you reopen.

Choosing the right moving company makes relocating a breeze

The right removalists make a huge difference in the ease of relocating your commercial space. Moving your business’s items is an important job, and you need movers that are trustworthy, reliable, fully insured and have a great track record.

Removalists On the Run are those movers! We’ve helped many businesses move to new premises easily, taking care of expensive equipment and following directions to make sure that your business is up and running again as quickly as possible. Call us today for a quote on your commercial move.

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