There is enough to worry about when moving home, without worrying about having your fragile items broken in the moving process. Some people use towels and blankets to pack their valuables, but this is very risky because these things don’t offer enough protection. When you have breakables that need to be moved, it’s important to invest in quality packing material, like bubble wrap.

Bubble wrapping your items is the best way to keep them safe from all the craziness of moving. Here are the top reasons why it’s the key to a stress-free move.

Protects items from impact damage

Bubble wrap is known for its cushioning ability. It absorbs impact from handling and transportation, such as vibration from the road, bumping against other items, and even being dropped.

Extremely pliable

You can wrap bubble wrap around even the most strangely-shaped things to keep them safe. Other materials like newspaper or packing paper easily rip when trying to wrap odd shapes.


Bubble wrap can be used over and over again, saving you money the next time you move. It also means you’re reducing waste.

Perfect for void fill

Bubble wrap can also be used in boxes as void fill for extra protection during shipping. Wrapping items in bubble wrap, and then using it between items when packing them is adding another layer of safety.

What should be bubble-wrapped?

Bubble wrap can keep a variety of things much safer than other packing materials. Fragile items that
should be bubble-wrapped include:
  ● Electronics
  ● Antiques and heirlooms
  ● Glassware
  ● Dinnerware
  ● Mirrors
  ● Lamps

Erase the stress of moving with bubble wrapping

When you wrap your fragile items and valuables in bubble wrap, you are doing everything you can to ensure they are safe during transit, and arrive undamaged at your new home. That’s not to say that you should only use bubble wrap when packing. Other materials like cardboard and paper wrap have their place in keeping your items protected so that you don’t have to stress about your valuables during your move.

If you would be more comfortable leaving the wrapping and packing of your fragile items to the professionals, we can help.

Contact Removalists On the Run to find out about our packing and moving options. We have years of experience in getting breakables safely to their new home.

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