Looking to buy or sell, especially after the harsh lockdown in Victoria can be an exhausting thought. But it doesn’t have to be a difficult process. There are many services available to help you relocate your furniture and supplies, and provide any advice that you may need to feel confident that your moving process will run smoothly.

Some of these include:

Consult a professional

While many businesses and services have been shut down during this lockdown period, professional removalist companies have continued to carry out tasks. This means that they know how to remain COVID-safe when completing jobs and understand how to work around potential delays due to restrictions. Contacting one of these removalist companies can help you to estimate how long the moving process will take and ensure that your furniture is out of your property by its required deadline.

Pre Pack your belongings to save money

Many removals services will charge based on the time spent at your property. For this reason, if you are looking to save some cash and time on your moving day, pre-packing your belongings from the week or night before can ensure that the removalists spent less time on the job.

Ask for help where possible

Now that restrictions have eased, asking your family, friends or neighbours to help you through this moving process can help you to get the ball rolling and motivate you to keep packing. Each individual can take a different room in your house or apartment, meaning that all of your bases are covered and the job is completed in no time.

Communicate with your removals team

If you have opted to use a removalist service, keeping them in the loop can help you save time and money. All removals teams understand that delays and mistakes happen. Simply contacting them and informing them that the process may take longer than expected can help them to organise any other projects they have scheduled for the day. Not only this but it also means you won’t spend money paying for a team that has no work to complete.

At Removalist On The Run, we are always happy to help with your moving process. Simply contact us to get started today.

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