When deciding whether to do it yourself or with a Removalist company, there is usually misconception that the move will take less time than it actually does.

Realistically, moving takes time with a lot of preparation needed beforehand.

Items need to be assembled/dismantled, wrapped for protection and placed in the truck carefully to avoid any damage to the items.

If hiring a removalist, they have the expertise to ensure all items will be moved safely and securely with no damage bill.

Some who decide it will be the cheaper option to hire, tend to make a few mistakes.

It’s important when hiring trucks to ensure that it’s the suitable size for your move.

A smaller truck may not fit everything on the day and you may need to leave prized possessions behind.

A larger truck may end up being too difficult to drive and for the inexperienced, parking can be a nightmare. This also leaves you at a loss, paying more in hire & fuel charges than necessary.

A qualified moving company however, can save you the headache and estimate the suitable size for the move.

Good friends are hard to come by, especially when it’s time for the big move.

It’s tricky to find some that are strong & fit enough to hoist heavy furniture onto back of a truck.

If you do have friends to give you a hand & they are seriously hurt on your property while lifting, will your insurance cover their medical bills and lost wages?

It really is a risk not worth taking & should be left to the professionals who are experienced, licenced and insured.

You don’t need to burden your friends or risk hurting yourself because even though you may save money on the move, it may cost you a lot more in future.

To have the best moving experience, it’s always advisable to hire a removalist if it’s a big job.

It’s important to plan ahead and get in early with booking date.

Any reputable company is generally booked 3 weeks in advance or has very limited availabilities.

Recommendations are a great place to start, if you know of someone who has recently moved.

It’s absolutely imperative that research has been completed thoroughly on removalist chosen, to ensure you have the right people for the job.

Check reviews, social media accounts and ask lots of questions about any queries or concerns that you may have.

Alternatively, give ‘Removalist On The Run’ a call on 0431 460 360 and we’ll take care of all of your moving needs!

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