Once your belongings have been moved into your new home, it’s tempting to launch straight into unpacking. After all, unpacking is probably one of the most unliked parts of the moving process, and it’s natural to want to get it over with. However, this isn’t the most efficient approach.

If you’ve moved home and are ready to unpack, stop! Don’t unpack until you do these five things first.

1. Make sure you have all of your boxes

If you use a reliable moving company like Removalist On The Run, this won’t be an issue, but otherwise, it’s important to check against your movers’ inventory list to ensure all your boxes have made it to your new home.

The sooner you discover that a box is missing, the sooner you can let the removalist know and they can work to resolve the issue. If it has been a couple of days before you realise you’ve got a box that’s MIA, it’s less likely that it’ll be found again.

2. Clean your new home

Your new home should’ve been cleaned beforehand, especially if you’re renting, but sometimes this doesn’t happen. Things like dust can also accrue again if the place has been vacant for awhile.

Rather than cleaning as you unpack, get into the cleaning before you start opening boxes – apart from the one with your cleaning items, of course. Wipe over all surfaces and take advantage of having nothing in the house to give it a full clean.

3. Have a plan for what you’ll unpack and when

If you don’t make a plan for the order of your unpacking, you’ll be needing things before you’ve gotten around to unpacking the box they’re in. You’ll find it makes the process take a lot longer, and can cause a lot of confusion.

Decide what you’ll need first and what can wait. Most people like to unpack some or all of their bedroom items first so that they have somewhere to sleep on move-in day.

4. Make a plan for where the big items and pieces of furniture will go

Don’t leave it until the items are in the house before you start moving them around. Get your mover to put these bulky belongings in the places you’ve already designated for them. This saves you having to try and move things later on, which can cause more stress. Save time by planning on where your large furniture and other bulky items will go.

5. Put each box into its related room

If you just ask your mover to leave your boxes in one place (or you do it yourself) you’re going to waste time having to take the boxes to their designated rooms. Put them in their correct places to begin with to make unpacking even speedier.

Why not hire us to do your unpacking as well?

That’s right, we don’t just offer removalist services – we pack and unpack your belongings too! We’ll do it all, while you clean your new home and tell us where things need to go.

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