So, you’ve been offered a new job in another city, and you’re considering taking it – or maybe you
already have! A new role can be nerve-wracking and exciting even in the same city, let alone having
to face moving to a different place as well. To make the transition easier for you, we’ve put together
a list of dos and don’ts for relocating for a new job.

DO make lists to be organised and keep track of everything

Organisation is one of the keys to making moving (and just about anything else) go smoothly. Lists
will ensure you don’t forget anything, and allow you to manage the stress that comes with

DO make sure you use any help your new company offers

A lot of businesses provide help for employees who are relocating, so take advantage of any services
on offer. They may pay for things like transporting your vehicle or helping you house hunt, or offer
help with finding a rental or a new job for your spouse as well. Anything that helps lower the stress
of relocating should be utilised!

DO your research on schools, employment opportunities for your spouse, neighbourhoods, etc.

If you move to a new place without knowing anything about it, chances are you’re going to be
unhappy with where you end up. Your children may not be attending the best school for their needs,
your spouse may not be able to find a job in their field – the list goes on. The relocation needs to be
right for everyone in your family, not just yourself.

DON’T be afraid to ask your employer for assistance in relocating

Those who don’t ask don’t get! It’s okay to try and negotiate with your new company to see if they’ll
help you with the costs of moving to their city. Make sure to research pricing for things such as
moving truck rental, hiring movers, any storage you may need, etc. Giving your employer an
estimate of the cost of your relocation will make them much more likely to agree to help out – or
cover the costs entirely.

DON’T jump straight into anything long-term

Buying a house may not be the smartest move when you’re only new to an area. You might not like
the neighbourhood, and if you haven’t done your research on schools and facilities nearby, you may
find yourself stuck in an unsuitable place. You may also end up finding the new job or company isn’t
a good fit, so being locked into a mortgage makes it harder to move on.
Renting for the first six months to a year is a wise move, so that you can settle in and be sure you’ve
made the right choice.

We help take the hassle out of relocating

Exciting and scary all at once, relocating for a new job takes a lot of planning and research to make it
go as smoothly as possible. Take some of the stress out of relocating by hiring a trustworthy and
professional moving company like the team at Removalists On the Run. We’ll move your belongings
with care, so that you can focus on the more important things in your life!

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