Are you fast approaching your closing date and need help moving your belongings to your new property?

At Removalists On Run, we understand how difficult it must be for you and your entire family to plan your move amidst the COVID crises. That’s why we provide the most reliable and professional moving services that can help you close and move your household with confidence!

To help you make a seamless transition to your new setting, we’ve compiled a comprehensive guide that lists down all the steps you need to follow as your closing date comes nearer.

Compile Your Important Documents At One Place

Before the final day arrives, make sure you have copies of all the important paperwork involved in the purchase of your new home as well as the closing process. Your closing statement is the real treasure, so be very specific about where you store all these documents. You must also store digital copies of your documentation in a secure cloud storage to avoid any failures on the final day, or anytime in the future, especially during tax times.

Notify Utilities Of Your Move In Advance

You must also inform the utility companies you pay your bills to about your move. This way you won’t have to worry about organizing them when you make your actual move. You must also alert Australia Post about the change of your address so that you don’t miss out important mails. In addition to that, make sure your relatives, friends, university faculty and employer know about where to find you and send any important deliverables if they have to.

Draft Your Final Inspection Checklist

The next step you should take before claiming your property is to get prepared for the pre-settlement or final inspection round. Usually organised a week before the closing date, the final inspection is your golden and last opportunity to make sure your property is in the same condition as it was when you signed the contract of purchase. Before you conduct your inspection, a few things you must note in your checklist are:

  • There are no signs of a significant damage to the property since you signed the contract
  • Appliances, fittings and other functions are appropriately working
  • The property is thoroughly cleared of any rubbish and building materials
  • Your outdoors are in order and no plants have been removed

Book for a team of Removalists Before to Assist On the Day of Move

The last and the most important step you need to follow is booking for a team of trustworthy removalists that can help you move your belongings by your closing date and follow strict hygiene and safe moving practices. At Removalists On Run, we ensure that your move is carried out in the most safe and timely manner while following our stringent and industry lading cleanliness guidelines.

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Need an efficient partner to help you navigate through the process of moving during the COVID pandemic? Call Removalists On the Run! Our team is committed to ensuring a timely move that does not compromise with the well-being of our customers and surrounding communities.

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