Moving is a stressful process in itself, but throw in a worldwide COVID pandemic with a lockdown can make the process so much worse. Especially as how the new lockdown in Victoria has been triggered by a removalist from New South Wales.

Read on to see how Removalists to Run can help a safer move during the lockdown to limit exposure and any risk of contracting the virus.

Continue to Practice Good Hygiene

Make sure everybody including yourselves and the removalists are wearing masks. This is the first step to ensuring that everyone is protected. On top of that make sure everybody in the moving process is washing their hands frequently and using hand sanitiser.

Try to maintain safe social distance where you can, especially between your friends and family who are helping. You will help minimise the risk to others and yourself, and stay safe during the lockdown move.

Follow the CDC Guidelines and Protocol

The recommendations include but are not limited to wearing masks, avoid touching the face, limiting food sharing, scheduling regular hand washing reminders, and regularly cleaning surfaces.

Removalists are deemed to be essential workers under the CDC, so they will generally adhere to the CDC safety guidelines.

Also make sure to check the Federal guidelines to see if any specific restrictions have been implemented.

Clean, clean, clean

Opt to do the house cleaning by yourself if it is not too much of a feat to limit exposure of people coming in and out of your household.

Practice routine cleaning of frequently touched surfaces like tables, door knobs, light switches, handles, desks, toilets, sinks, and electronic products.

Wear rubber gloves to prevent spread as well, and keep the household ventilated by opening windows and doors to allow in fresh air.

Ensure Your Mover Has COVID Safety Guidelines

When you choose your removalist company, and obtain quotes, ask them about their COVID safety guidelines. Look out for their protocol when an employee is feeling unwell, their requirements for mask-wearing and social distancing, and ask them to provide you with a virtual quote and how they sanitise their moving trucks and equipment between services.

Keep Communication Open

Keep the lines open between your removalist leading up to the day. Check in to make sure nobody in the company has been exposed to the virus or exhibiting any symptoms. Likewise if somebody is feeling under the weather in your household then let them know immediately.

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