Whether you’re moving from another city entirely, or just from another part of Melbourne, moving to the western suburbs is becoming a popular choice. One of the biggest reasons is because of the myriad of job opportunities right on your doorstep, making your commute much shorter than going into the CBD.

Here’s why Melbourne’s western suburbs are so highly recommended for families and professionals alike, and how Removalist On The Run can help you move there. .

Get a bigger home for less

When you look at property prices around the Melbourne CBD, you’ll notice that north and east of the city especially are pretty pricey. Head west, however, and you’ll likely find that you’re saving a huge amount of money on housing. So, if you’re moving for work, you’ll find this as an added bonus if you choose to stay and purchase a home. .

The western suburbs are booming

Due to the growing population (that isn’t slowing any time soon) the suburbs west of Melbourne are being transformed. Governments are building new community areas and reinvigorating older suburbs, putting in new health care centres, playgrounds, schools, and sporting grounds. You and your family will get a boost from the fresh new surroundings if your job is in or near one of these revitalised suburbs. .

Take the stress out of moving for work

Hiring a professional, reliable moving company like Removalist On The Run makes moving a snap. Whether you want to save a little money by packing and unpacking yourself or let us take care of it all for you, you’ll be surprised how easy moving can be with Removalist On The Run.

It can be stressful moving for a new job; there’s so much to consider and plan before you even begin to pack. Why not make it easier on yourself by leaving everything to the experts? Find your new home, pick a school for your children; plan your new life while we handle the packing, loading, unloading and unpacking.

We’re locals who are happy to give you advice on your new area

With our team members living all around Melbourne, and our extensive history of helping people move to and from every direction, we’ve gathered plenty of useful local knowledge. Want to hear straight from a local what parks are best near your new home? Or maybe which school has a better reputation? Just ask us while we’re helping you move. Our team is happy to give recommendations or advice on the western suburbs.

Got a new job in a new place? Removalist On The Run will get your belongings to your new home safely

While you’re embracing the change of moving to the western suburbs for your job, you don’t need to be worrying about your items too. Whether it’s a long or short journey to your new destination, you can rest assured that your personal effects are packed safely and securely.

Talk to the team here at Removalist On The Run about our moving services, and how we keep your belongings safe no matter the distance.

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