Your electronic goods are by far some of the most expensive products that you will need to pack for your relocation. Fear of broken screens and water damage is common amongst movers as they pack these goods away, and can lead to mass amounts of stress during the moving process. Some great tips for packing and moving electronic goods include.

Take photos of your cords and where they belong

Unpacking your furniture after a move and discovering a mass of cords can feel overwhelming, especially when you don’t remember where each cord belongs. Before unplugging and disconnecting your electronic devices, snapping a photo of the chords that they require can help you piece each product back together in no time.

Always use bubblewrap

Delicate devices such as TVs and computers need to be packed with care. Although these items will be stacked into a moving truck with care, using bubble wrap and other protective wraps can help to protect them from any harsh bumps or sharp turns on the road.

Use any original packaging that you may have

If you happen to have any of the original packagings for your appliances, this is perfect for your move. This packaging will generally include all protective foam and film that your product came with, meaning that it will have the optimum protection during the move.

Use packaging tape

If your items are going to be sitting in storage for a short while before you complete your move, using packaging tape will seal boxes completely and keep out dust. This is vital as dust build-ups can destroy your appliances and is typically not covered by storage insurance.

At Removalist On The Run, we are happy to help throughout any stage of the moving process. If this is your first move, you may feel uncertain about transporting your technology. We are always here to provide any tips and support when you need it most.

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