Once you’ve decided to go with a local moving company for your relocation, it’s not as simple as choosing the first one in the search results. There are many things to look for and consider when hiring removalists so that you have an easy moving experience.

We’ve put together these five steps for making it easy for you to hire removalists and get your move organised.

1. Compare removalists in your area

Don’t just go with the first or cheapest option that you see – not all moving companies are trustworthy or reliable. Note which companies are insured, accredited by AFRA (the Australian Furniture Removers Association), local to your area and have good reviews.

If they do have any negative reviews, be sure to read them and the company’s responses to those reviews to see if they are justified. The way a business responds to negative reviews will tell you a lot about them!

Make sure to check that the movers offer any other services you’re looking for as well, such as packing and unpacking.

2. Choose three companies to get quotes from

Don’t narrow your list down to just one company yet – you need to pick at least three top removalists that you want to get quotes from in order to get the best value.

Each business will have their own way of pricing things, and you’ll need to decide which of their additional services (if any) you’d like to have included in your quote.

3. Put together all the necessary information for your quote

Make a list of what you want to be included in the quote from each company: whether they charge per hour or per job, insurance costs, distance charges, any call-out fees, extra services you want. You can then compare the quotes and see which removalists suit your situation best.

Any moving company that doesn’t provide detailed quotes or tries to avoid answering these sorts of questions are ones that you can cross off your list.

4. Time to talk about the specifics of your move

Once you’ve decided which company you’re going to hire, it’s time to get into the details of your move. Let your removalist know what you’re moving and bringing to the new place, as well as locking in the date and time of your move.

Prepare an inventory of all of your belongings to be moved, so that they can be checked off during the moving process. This is especially helpful if you’re having the movers pack and unpack for you, as it will show straight away if items have gone missing in transit.

Draw up a floor plan to give to your removalists as well, so that they know where to place things in your new house. This will all make moving day much more efficient.

5. Check that your insurance is up to date – and that you’re covered for moving

You already checked that your removalist had insurance, but you need to make sure that you’re covered too! Check your home and contents policy to ensure it’s up to date and that moving is covered.

A good moving company will do their best to make sure your items don’t get damaged or broken, but accidents happen and so it’s better to be covered, particularly for more valuable items.

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