A company’s culture can be affected by a variety of internal and external factors. Whether they’re a natural part of doing business, like staff retiring or quitting, or an event like a corporate relocation.

The way a corporation manages its relocation will determine whether the company’s culture thrives or dies. Will it let the logistics and kerfuffle push their culture to the side, or use the experience to make the culture even stronger? Here’s how a corporate relocation can help you strengthen your company culture.

What does ‘company culture’ mean?

The culture of a company is an amalgamation of its goals, mission, values, leaders, staff, and the type of business that it is, coming together to form a personality of sorts. Cultures can be casual, formal, open; like snowflakes, each one is different.

How a company’s culture is sustained before and during a move

As company culture is created by the attitudes of leaders and staff, it cannot fall on just one person to cultivate it. To keep the whole company on track with the culture before, during and after a move, it must be clear what the company’s identity is. This way, even though you’re starting over in a new location, the culture is maintained and even strengthened due to the relocation. Have your vision and mission statements in plain sight before the move, and then put them back up in a similar spot in the new space, so that everyone knows what to focus on.

Corporate relocation is a stressful time for all people involved, and communication is key to alleviating the uncertainty. Leaders should be supportive, provide guidance, and keep spirits high. They should make sure that all staff are kept up to date during the relocation, as being informed boosts engagement and interest.

If the new location is larger and more staff need to be hired, hiring those who embody the organisation’s culture is another way to further establish that culture and reinforce it.

Ways to bolster culture after the relocation

Moving is a great chance to refresh attitudes and change things that may or may not be working. This takes a good plan, and luckily there are many easy strategies you can put into action once the move is over.

The physical environment of the office is a big contributor to the culture of a workplace, so why not use the move as an opportunity to redesign your office space. You can greatly influence corporate culture with an open-plan space, designed to suit the comfort of each staff member. With both collaborative and private areas, people can do their best work together or alone – and you can add in other exciting features as well. A games room for employees to have fun on their breaks, a well-stocked kitchen, bean bags and lounges – simple touches can have a big impact on morale, and therefore, on your company’s culture as well.

Another thing you can do is to use the opportunity that moving provides to present your staff with new equipment, upgraded technology and new ideas on processes or procedures. Having different things in the new office space will foster excitement and enthusiasm, helping the culture grow after the relocation.

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