Looking for some safe space to store your inventory, equipment, and paperwork? Removalist on The Run offers secure and affordable long term storage solutions for businesses, providing your business with the extra space it needs to run hassle-free. We have years of experience in handling all your belongings with utmost diligence and care. Also, if you need a hand for moving your items in and out of your business storage unit, don’t worry. Our experienced team of removalists are here to lighten the burden.

Following are the benefits which businesses can leverage from long term storage solutions:

REDUCE CLUTTER – The storage facilities tend to reduce the unused items both in office as well as homes. This, in turn, helps create more space that can be used to store other much-needed items. The old items such as furniture, paperwork files, and other appliances that are not used regularly can be stored in the storage unit awaiting possible use or resale, instead of simply using a lot of space in the premise.

GUARANTEED SECURITY – The storage facilities are more secured for they use advanced technology. The premises have gated entry, surveillance cameras, and exterior lighting which increases the visibility, security fences and guards, and a limited time to move in the storage. It is a wise decision to store valuable business items in a storage unit rather than in the office lockers.

FLEXIBLE TO USE – There are available trolleys and pallet jacks that helps in moving your items to the specific storage. Also, the storage units are accessible 24 hours a day thus making it convenient in case you need to use any stored item in the middle of the night. Why the storage units are very popular amongst the business owners is due to the flexible rental cost.

COST-BENEFIT – Renting a storage unit is a cheaper option instead of renting out an extra office or room. Also, the storage unit offers free transport. You are just required to pay monthly rent which is much cheaper compared to other available options irrespective of the discounts offered.

At Removalist on The Run, we have been providing customized storage solutions for many years, so it is safe to say, we know how to take care of your stuff.

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