Moving business premises is more challenging than a home move. Whether to expand or to adjust to needs, moving the office gives goosebumps.

Regardless you’re moving from a home-based office to a new workplace or relocating to another commercial building, “move” is itself a bridge you’ll have to cross. When comes the time to move businesses, Removalists on Run have years of experience. Following are the important pieces of advice to successfully move your business premises in 2021:

CREATE A TIMELINE – Moving business premises is a cumbersome process. Have ample time to prepare and plan your move in order to avoid last-minute problems. Create a suitable timeline for yourself, team members and the business. When you have a fixed timeline, you can remain focused, organize all the work, and brace yourself to move to a new office.

IDENTIFY THE TEAM SIZE – Have a rough idea of the number of office employees you presently have and how many more are expected to join your team in the future. This will help you decide the exact size, seating allotments, furniture and other facilities that are required to run your business hassle-free.

UPDATE YOUR WEBSITE & BUSINESS CARDS – During the final week, ensure that everything is in place. This will help employees adjust and get back to their work without wasting much time. Finish any last-minute tasks such as updating the website, business cards and letterheads.

HIRE MOVERS AND PACKERS BEFORE THE MOVE – Planning ahead is vital. Start getting quotes from the professional removalists to make your office transit smooth. Hire the licensed moving company with experience in commercial moving because they ensure that the job is done properly.


We, at Removalists on the Run are a team of renowned and reputable office movers based in Victoria. We not only offer cost-effective solutions but also let you save a lot of time.

Follow the aforementioned points to reduce tension and make your move to new premises complete with minimal hassles. Call or email us for a free quote without obligation.

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