The roadmap to moving can be different for every household and it can often be stressful when trying to decide on the best method of transport. Every cent counts and if time is taken before the move you can put a care plan together and a budget that will help you not to break the bank. Having a strategy in place to know where exactly to invest your money and take the necessary shortcuts can help your moving experience to be less stressful and safe for your furniture to be moved into your new home.

Cash Discount:

Credit card payment is the current way to go for services, but they can sometimes come with a transaction fee. Credit Card companies often charge thus processing fee to the business and this fee can be passed on to the customer. This is where it would be recommended to check with the furniture removalists if they take this fee or if they will accept cash and this can save on the fee.

Clean out before you move out:

Removalists’ number one charge is going to be on the hour every hour for everything that is moved from your old home to the new one this can be according to weight or on an hourly basis. Regardless of distance, there is no purpose to pay movers to transport items that are no longer used. This is where it’s important to go through your home and get rid of anything that collects dust. This could be clothing, shoes, old electronics, children’s toys, books anything that is taking up space in your home. A garage sale can help or sell items on the Facebook marketplace so you can make a little cash to help with the move. You could also donate the items you can’t sell and then when you move you will have an efficient load for the removalist and save money along the way.

Save on Packaging Supplies:

Some services include packaging products with their service. If these packing supplies are not included ask friends and family for any leftover supplies, supermarkets and bunnings also have used boxes, bubble wrap, and or wrapping paper which can help prepare your large furniture items for transport.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions of your removalists and do some of your own research to ensure that you can avoid those extra fees when moving.

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