The idea of moving a whole warehouse can be daunting, but with thorough planning that starts well ahead of time, you will find the move goes smoothly. It’s about being meticulous, ensuring that nothing is overlooked and everyone involved knows their role during the move.

Here are our top tips on how to carry out a hassle-free warehouse move.

Rosters must cover both normal operations and the moving process

Making a realistic estimate of how many workers, and the hours you’ll need them to do, will help make sure that you have enough manpower to carry out a successful move. Things can change in a split-second; it’s wise to overestimate a little so that you can easily handle anything that happens.

Make sure all staff know the agenda for moving day

If your staff are helping with the move then they need to know the important information, such as what they need to do in the lead up to (and on) moving day. This way, employees can work more efficiently and autonomously by not having to constantly clarify what they need to do and where they should be. Thorough planning and communication is key here to ensure that no crucial details are missed.

Don’t wait until moving day to take inventory

Moving a warehouse is complicated enough, without adding in more steps. Make one of your before-the-move tasks to have all of your inventory accounted for and stored in the right places, for a hassle-free move.

Make sure you have all the supplies and equipment you need in advance

Like doing inventory, it’s smart to ensure that you have everything you need for moving before the day arrives. Any safety wear that your staff might need is especially important to organise. Depending on which specialised removalists you use, they may be able to supply what you need for your warehouse move.

Have a plan for where everything will go in the new location

Save time on moving day by already knowing what will go where. Planning this doesn’t usually take long, and it makes the unloading process a lot faster and more efficient. Make sure your staff and the movers (if you’re using them) are clear on where stock and other items need to go.

Expert help from a reliable logistics company saves you stress

You probably have enough on your plate with the relocation without having to organise most of the warehouse move on your own. That’s where a company like Removalist On The Run comes in. We have years of experience in warehouse moves and know how to make the process run efficiently and safely, leaving you with less to worry about. A hassle-free warehouse move is only a call or email away.

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