Portable container is the first choice when you are looking for moving your household things from one place to another. They are especially famous for transporting furnishings to the new houses. The companies who use this method offer different kinds of containers which can be chosen as per your convenience.

It can be tricky task to choose the right kind of container that will fit perfectly to your needs. What size to pick, its cost along with all the stress of moving things from one place to another are some of the few questions that matter the most. Here is a guide that provides every information that you need to know about containers before opting for one.


It is important to note that all containers are not the same way. Usually they are built with different material which also effects the pricing and other factors. These containers are usually made of:

  • Steel
  • Steel and aluminum
  • Plastic
  • Construction grade wood

It is important to note that the material they are made of becomes a factor when it comes to the weight the container can handle especially during transit. A standard storage box made of wood can handle up to 2500pounds weight of goods, whereas when made of steel it can handle up to 5000 pounds weight of goods.

Number of boxes

In general a moving container usually has 300 square feet of capacity when it comes to storage and this guide will further help you in understanding the storage capacity of boxes

  • For moving an apartment — two moving containers
  • For moving a two to three bedroom house — three moving containers
  • For moving a three to four bedroom house — four moving containers
  • For moving a house with five-plus bedrooms — five moving containers

Although there are some companies that offer much bigger 16 foot containers as well along withthe capacity of holding 10000 pounds of weight for things.

Moving container considerations

You should also decide how much stuff you want to transport via moving containers. It is important because this will help you in deciding how many moving boxes do you need to transport your furnishings and household items from one place to another.

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