Preparing for fire season isn’t pleasant, but it’s a necessity for those living in Bushfire Risk Zones, especially during the Fire Danger Period. Protecting your family, yourself and your home as much as possible is a top priority, of course, but you should also have safety measures in place for your valuables. Here’s how to keep your important belongings safe during bushfire season.

What sort of important items should you keep safe?

Things that are irreplaceable (or just plain difficult to replace), such as:

●Birth certificates
●Homeownership paperwork
●Insurance documents
●Valuable and/or sentimental items

If you’re having trouble deciding what to keep safe in fire season, think about if the worst were to happen and a fire destroyed your home and belongings. What would you hate to lose (or can’t afford to)?

Why storage units are a perfect solution

Sometimes you may have more items than can fit in your fireproof safe, and you don’t have anywhere to store them. You can’t risk losing these precious belongings and important documents, so what’s the answer?

A storage unit!

There are storage companies that offer short-term storage solutions in their fire-proof units. From little lockers to store your paperwork, jewellery and photos, to large and medium units for storing those larger items like antique furniture, valuable artwork and other significant belongings.

You can also choose to only store these items during bushfire season, with storage companies offering short term arrangements.

Need help moving your belongings to your chosen storage unit? Call Removalists On the Run

You might have decided to store your belongings in some nearby storage units, but how are you going to get them there? When making storage part of your bushfire readiness plan, just call us!

Removalists On the Run can bring your items to and from the storage facility, keeping your belongings safe and sound on the journey.

Get in touch with us for a quote on moving your important items in bushfire season – or any other time!

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