Putting away your possessions after moving into a new home is a great opportunity to get your house organised – and hopefully keep it that way! When everything has its place and is neatly put away, it’s a wonderful feeling. It also makes it a lot easier to find what you’re searching for, and to keep your home clean as well.

Here are five tips to keep your home organised after you’ve moved in.

This is the fundamental part of keeping your home (or anything) organised. Whenever you use something, be sure to actually put it away in the proper spot, instead of leaving it somewhere else.

This is a great habit to get into but can be tricky to develop, so try hard and you’ll reap the benefits – an organised home!

Don’t leave clothes in the dryer, or in the laundry basket

When you dry your clothes, get into the habit of folding them, sorting them and putting them away afterwards, on the same day. If you leave it until the next day, you’re much more likely to keep leaving it, and adding to the pile of laundry instead.

Have a system for your mail

Many of us are guilty of leaving our mail to pile up on a desk, sideboard or table, and never sorting it or reading it.

Whenever you get mail, make sure to open it as soon as you can, read the contents, and either file it away or throw it out. You’ll be surprised how much less clutter there is once you organise your mail.

Have storage buckets or bins for regularly used items

Things like kids’ and pet’s toys, and your family’s shoes, are big culprits for creating clutter. There are plenty of storage options around for cheap prices, that will make it a lot easier to pack up those things that often get left lying around. If it’s easy to pack up, it will happen more often and your home will stay neater and more organised.

Monthly deep cleaning

Get the whole family involved once a month and do a big deep clean. This gives you the chance to get back on top of anything that needs to be re-organised and encourages good habits for everyone in the family.

Easy unpacking and organising starts with an organised moving experience

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