If you’re living (or trying to move towards) an eco-friendly lifestyle, you’re always looking for ways to be kinder to the environment. You might think moving can’t be done in an environmentally conscious way, but this blog will show you just how you can make it happen with some simple changes to the moving process.

Use eco-friendly cleaning products

Ditch the toxins and look for natural alternatives like vinegar and bicarb soda, and use reusable cloths and other items. They’re just as effective but much kinder on the environment – and better for you and your family, too. Cleaning your old home as you vacate it, or cleaning your new one as you move in, is an easy place to start.

Change to energy-saving bulbs

Putting in energy-efficient light bulbs as you go while you’re moving in will make a big difference in the long run. If you’ve purchased your new home, look into options such as solar energy to further reduce your impact on the environment – and save yourself some money in the future.

Dispose of rubbish correctly

If you’re decluttering in the lead up to your move, be sure that things like appliances, batteries, paint and other special items are disposed of properly. This protects the environment from further harm, as there are specific measures that must be taken depending on the type of waste being disposed of. There are specialised companies who can come and take waste away for you, so you know that it is done properly.

Prepare meals in advance

You’ll save money by having ready-made options to turn to when you’re exhausted after a day of moving, instead of buying takeaway. You’re also ensuring that you’re not getting disposable cutlery, napkins, food containers or other items that are harmful to the environment.

Borrow or reuse moving boxes

Be sure to store your own moving boxes well, so that you can reuse them and lend them to friends when needed. If you don’t have any, borrow from a friend rather than buying new ones. Don’t throw out boxes after you’re finished moving, either – pass them on to someone else to use.

Eco-friendly moves are simple with Removalists On the Run

Removalists On the Run are dedicated to reducing our impact on the environment, as well as helping our customers do the same. For a stress-free moving experience that is environmentally-conscious too, call us now.

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