Moving large heavy items like lounges, desks, fridges and washing machines is one of the hardest parts of moving house. The easiest way to pack and move these things is to hire professional movers, like the team at Removalists On the Run, but we understand that sometimes you can’t afford this option. That’s why we’ve put together some handy tips for packing your bulky items to make moving easier.

Be prepared

Preparation is the key to success. Before you start packing, gather the essential things like bubble wrap, plastic wrap, furniture padding or blankets, and rope. It is also very important that you have tools on hand, to remove doors, legs, etc.

Make sure you measure your bulky items and your doorways to make sure that they will fit through after packing.

Packing a desk/wardrobe/etc.

These kinds of items need to be emptied before you start packing them. Once your wardrobe or desk is empty and the things from inside are packed, it’s time to tackle the furniture itself.

Remove the drawers and wrap them in blankets or padding, and remove any fragile doors too. This is where the bubble wrap comes in handy, or you can use more blankets. If you try and tape the doors and drawers closed, you’re more than likely going to damage the furniture’s finish.

Put any nuts, screws and other small parts into a ziplock bag and keep them somewhere safe during the move. Be sure to label where they came from!

Packing a lounge

If you can take the legs off your lounge, do so. This will make your lounge easier to manoeuvre.

Take out any mattresses if it is a fold-out lounge, and cover both the mattress and the lounge itself with blankets for protection.

Packing laundry and kitchen appliances

Never try and move these items on your own, as they are too heavy for one person. The first step is to remove any food from your fridge and freezer and defrost them both around 24 hours before your move.

Remove any drawers, shelves and other removable parts from these appliances and wrap them in blankets or bubble wrap.

Use plastic wrap or tape to keep doors shut during the move.

Cover the appliance in blankets, ready to be loaded onto the truck.

Save time – and your back – by using Removalists On the Run tomove your bulky items

Packing heavy and large items properly is essential for not only their protection but for the protection of your old home and your new one during loading and unloading. Without adequate padding during packing, your desk or lounge could scratch your new wall or dent your old floor – and you won’t get your deposit back.

Of course, if you want peace of mind that your bulky items and going to be properly packed
and moved, it’s better to go with professional removalists like Removalists On the Run.
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