When you’re packing for a move, you’re often busy focusing on your larger, heavier and more expensive or valuable items. Your soft goods, like your bedding, blankets, rugs and other textiles need just as much consideration when packing as any of your other belongings.

Here’s how to pack some of the most common household soft goods, so that they arrive safely at your destination.

Blankets and towels

Blankets and towels are quite sturdy, so they’re often used as material for packing and padding fragile items.

If you’re all good for packing material, then you should clean and dry your towels and blankets and then put them in plastic bags before packing them into boxes.


Cleaning your rugs before you move is an important step. If your rug is light-weight, you can get away with giving it a good vacuum. If you’ve got heavier, thicker rugs you might have to combine vacuuming with beating them to get out the accumulated debris and dust.

Once your rug is clean, roll it up and then wrap it in plastic to keep it safe while moving. This also helps keep your rugs compact for easier transport.


Like rugs, you need to clean your curtains and drapes if you’re taking them to your new home. A dustbuster or similar will help get out the last of the dust after giving them a shake outside. You can launder them as well if you prefer, however you must make sure that they are completely dry before packing them.

If you have particularly delicate drapes, wardrobe boxes are a great idea for keeping them safe while moving. Simply fold your curtains or drapes and hang them on a large, padded hanger, then place them into the wardrobe box.

Bedding and linen

The first step with these soft goods is to thoroughly wash and dry them before putting them into plastic bags. They can then be put in any box, and act as a form of padding for other items. Just be sure that you’ve marked your boxes clearly, as you’ll be wanting your bedding when you’ve finished moving.

Movers often provide special mattress covers for your mattresses, otherwise, you can use clean plastic painting sheets or tarp to protect your mattress.


Pack your pillows like your bedding, but be sure to squash them down a bit first if they are larger pillows. This way they won’t take up as much space in your packing boxes. You can also use your packed pillows as padding for valuable items.

Removalist On The Run know how to expertly pack all of your belongings, no matter what they are

Doing your own packing is a way to save money, but only if you know the correct techniques. Improper packing leaves your items susceptible to damage – and some things are irreplaceable.

Whether you’re hiring us to move your items or pack them as well, you can rest assured that you’ll receive the best removalist service possible. Contact us now for a quote on your move.

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