As with any major project, detailed planning and organization are key to a successful office
relocation. Relocating a business can be a significant investment of time and money, so it’s
important not to underestimate the needs and demands that may surface throughout this
process. To make sure your relocation goes as smoothly as possible, take note of these 5
helpful tips.

1. Ensure Proper Planning

As soon as the decision is made to relocate, it’s time to start planning. Consider potential
implications such as costing, the extent of the relocations’ impact on the day-to-day running
of your business, and ways in which both your employees and clients/customers might be
affected. If you plan properly from the get-go, you’re far less likely to run into issues later
down the track.

2. Create a Timeline

All businesses will experience disruption of some kind when relocating, but that doesn’t
mean that things need to come to a complete halt. By developing a relocation timeline, you
will be able to minimise disruption to both employees and staff and ensure that your doors
are opening again as soon as possible. Where possible, try to plan your move around a
“quiet” time in your business activity. Ensure that the relocation is not jeopardizing any
significant deals or promises made to customers, and be sure to consider aspects such as
fit-out, furniture installation, IT and telecom installations when constructing your timeline.

3. Delegate a Project Coordinator

The responsibility of a project coordinator is to ensure that your relocation keeps to
schedule, if not ahead, and is therefore informed and kept up to date with every aspect of
the move. Project coordinators can be existing employees or individuals that are hired
externally. The project coordinator should be the main point of contact between the business
and contractors, as well as the employees. Delegating a project coordinator will ensure that
any potential mishaps are detected and dealt with as soon as possible, allowing for a smooth
transition to your new location.

4. Allow Time for Packing and Cleaning

It’s easy to forget just how much packing and cleaning is required at the start and end of a
relocation. All office items will need to be sorted, packed, transferred and unpacked before
any waste can be cleared and the relocation can be finalised. Despite being a tedious task, it
is absolutely crucial to ensure there is enough time to take care of these duties. If you do not
allow adequate time, packing is more likely to be rushed, meaning there is a higher chance
of important items being overlooked or damaged. Additionally, if you do not allow enough
time to unpack and clear, you are more likely to delay the return of your customers and
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