Relocating an office space is no easy task. These types of projects can be especially daunting if your business needs to be up and running in a short amount of time. If you have no time to waste then it is important to plan your big office move carefully before you start packing up your office gear

With the right steps and proper assistance, this messy and tough project will be a lot easier and your move can be completed in a short amount of time. Below is a guide on how to efficiently plan your office move.

Step 1 – Brief Your Property Agents

The first thing you should do when relocating is to brief your property agent. Your current rental agent will require a period of notice or you could lose your deposit money. The new office space should also be booked in advance so you can move right in.

Step 2 – Cancel Additional Services

Remember to cancel additional services that you might be paying for. Services like internet connection, water and energy supplies, and any other service providers might require a notice period. Any services you might want to keep should be moved and new installations need to be done at your new location.

Step 3 – Prepare the New Space

If your new office space requires some modifications then it can be a good idea to get these done before moving in. If you want to eliminate downtime for your company then you should wait for the new space to be prepared before shutting down your office on this side. Go and visit the site and get all building renovations or modifications completed before you start packing up for the big move.

Step 3 – Book a Corporate Removalist Company

When you are certain about your moval date then you can go ahead and book an office removal company. Office removal companies will first do a quick survey so they can determine the load space they might need for the office move or establish how many trips it might take to get all of the office furniture and accessories relocated.

You will receive a quotation which will give you a good idea of the exact relocation cost. When you accept the offer, you can book an exact time and date for your project.

Step 4 – Finishing Touches

A good removalist company will help you relocate all furniture and might even be able to assist with the packaging and unpacking of smaller office items. Your removalist company will also help unload the furniture and will position the furniture in all the right spots. All of the heavy lifting will be taken care of and most of the unpacking will be done by the company.

Your company will, however, need to take care of all of the finishing touches like unpacking smaller items or rearranging and setting up the desks. For complex or modern offices, it might be good to hire an IT specialist to help you set up the network connections.

Why Hire Office Removalists?

From this guide, you will quickly note that we recommend using removalists for your office move. This is because removalists offer a lot more advantages over DIY moving like the following.

Time-saving – A team of skilled professionals will quickly get to work and transport your entire office for you. These experts also assist with various unpacking tasks which can save a lot of time and allow you to open your doors much quicker.

Reduce stress – Using professionals eliminates all the stress associated with these challenging projects.

Better self-care – Moving heavy furniture can have a terrible impact on your body. This strain combined with stress can leave you feeling completely wrecked. A moving company is great for preserving your mental and physical well-being.

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Removalist on the Run is a terrific company to trust if you need moving experts who can help you relocate quickly and with ease. Give our professionals a call and learn more about all the incredible advantages that we can offer.

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