Freshman year of college is already a daunting time. Making friends, studying, taking control of your future – there are so many obstacles to tackle. Moving into your campus however, is a stress that can be avoided.

Read below to see how you can prepare for this to ensure your college move starts off on the right foot!

Check your College List

Your college will normally provide you with a checklist of necessary items to bring, and a list of items they already have. It is more than likely that your college dorm will already have the basic furniture such as a bed, mattress, dresser, desk, and chair.

Check what the form already has, and what you may need, and start making a list of things for you to pack. This could include things like lamps, bookshelves, bedsheets, laundry essentials, and bathroom essentials.

This will ensure that there is no double up of items and furniture, or that you will not forget anything.

Use Your Laundry Bags and Vacuum Bags Efficiently

Cardboard boxes can be bulky, heavy, and take up a lot of space. Plus, you may need to purchase these prior for a one-time use. First use your storage options that you are bringing to your dorm to stuff already with the nit bits that you will bring such as your sheets, books, etc.

Use your laundry basket, vacuum bags and plastic bins to use as storage to transport your other belongings.

Make Sure you Have Someone to Help

Although College means independence, do get some help from somebody to help you with the move. Bring a family or friend along to help you with the heavy lifting. An extra set of hands will also be important to assemble things, set up, and to give you moral support during a very overwhelming time.

Ship or Use Removalists

Not everything needs to be transported and arrive on your first day of college. Some items such as extra pillows, books, décor pieces etc. can wait. If you cannot fit everything into your own car, consider shipping them, or hiring a removalist truck to transport the bulkier items. This can also be considered for your seasonal items.
Although this can be pricey, contact Removalists On The Run as we can provide you with affordable quotes.


Removalists On The Run can help smooth out your moving process for your freshman year in college. With our friendly staff, and efficient and affordable services, you will feel at east, and that will be on less stress for you to worry about.
Best of luck, and happy moving!

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