Organising a move can be overwhelming enough, without adding your small children and furry
friends into the mix. Moving can induce anxiety in even the most calm and collected of adults, which
is why it’s important to consider the safety of your pets and kids when you’re relocating.
Here are a few tips to help make your move safer for the smallest and furriest members of your

Ahead of your move

Help get your pet used to travelling in a carrier (or crate) before your moving date, so that they don’t
panic and potentially hurt themselves while they’re in transit.
It’s important to talk to your kids about moving day as well, so that they know what to expect and
what they need to do. If they’re too young to understand and will need constant supervision, try and
organise for a friend or relative to watch them on moving day so that you can concentrate knowing
they’re safe and not underfoot. You can also do this for your pets, too.

On moving day

If you’ve previously organised for a babysitter (or pet sitter), make sure your littlest and hairiest
family members have everything they need to be comfortable throughout the day. Unless your
children are old enough to understand about being careful, staying out of the way and not running
out of the (often left open for convenience) front door, it’s safest to have them somewhere else for
moving day.
This is the same for your furry friends, too. The commotion of moving could scare them enough that
they run off, or they could accidentally get hurt. If they’re already crate-trained, then you could keep
them at home with you while you move, but you’d have to stop every so often to take them out for a
Make sure you keep out any important items, such as medication, that your pet or child may need
during the moving process.

Let us make moving less stressful for you and your loved ones

These are some simple things you can do to make your relocation safer for the treasured members
of your family. Their safety is paramount when performing something as stressful and
time-consuming as moving house.
Nothing will ever fully take away the stress of a move, but you can definitely make it run more
smoothly with the professional, expert team of movers at Removalists On the Run.
Concentrate on keeping your cuddliest and youngest family members safe by leaving the hard work
to us. Contact us now for a free quote on your move

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