If you are planning on relocating or are currently in the process of relocating, storing your furniture is a crucial aspect of the process. Moving home can be a stressful time for all of the household but you can make it easier by following some careful planning and steps such as knowing that your furniture is safely stored. Research your options such as storage unit companies which can be costly, however many can offer a cost-effective service which is value for money in keeping your furniture safely and securely stored at a trusted company.

Keeping Your Furniture Protected

You might not think it but climate control is an integral part of storing your furniture as this means that your valued furniture items are safe from moisture and changing temperatures; this is especially the case for wooden furniture, musical instruments, antiques and even sofas and lounge suites made of delicate fabric.

Important Steps To Take

Firstly, ensure that you clean all of your beloved furniture and store it when it is clean and dry so that moisture isn’t trapped on the surfaces. Storing dirty items can create odours and increases the probability of mould and other particles. Disassembling your furniture is also a crucial step and you
don’t want to lose important parts of your furniture such as screws, fixings and Allen keys therefore be careful and precise with this measure. Utilise the owner’s manual to disassemble the furniture correctly and ensure that all pieces are packed away with clear labelling. If your furniture has a
number of pieces to it, you can utilise masking tape and write on it a note as to where the pieces go otherwise your owner’s manual should have the details for re-assembling your furniture again once you have moved.

Wrapping & Packaging

Gather packing supplies such as bubble wrap, blankets, plastic stretch wrap and other plastic containers or bags and ensure that you have the all the pieces securely within containers or bags or wrapped within bubble wrap. Wrapping is highly-important and ensure that you adequately wrap
your items as if it was for long-term storage to ensure that your valued furniture is truly protected.

With glass items, pay particular attention to the way you wrap these and store them carefully. Lastly, try not to cram too much in one box or wrapping; this means items can rub against one another or makes a box extraordinarily heavy and this can mean potential damage by the box not supporting your items.

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