“You need to spend money to make money” is an old saying. But there comes a point where the expenses outweigh your income – and that’s the beginning of the disaster. Overhead expenses are also business-related expenses, but they are those costs that you would still have to pay even if there is no production or selling. Rent, salaries, and general utilities form part of the overhead expenses. But you can save these expenses by renting space for your office utilities.

LOW PRICED RENT – Low rent that needs to be paid every month is a good deal to keep the business running post-Covid-19 pandemic. Not only will you get the space but also the amenities such as furniture, infrastructure, AC, Wi-Fi, storage, heating – everything is taken care of.

CUT SHORT YOUR TEAM – Employee wages skyrocket your overhead costs. If you think you can trim your team without causing harm to morale and productivity – do it. Look for employees who are versatile and possess a variety of skills. Or invest in training so that the gaps can be filled internally.

RENT WHEREVER YOU CAN – Buying every equipment for the company requires a huge investment. Therefore, the recommended option is to rent instead of a lease. This will enable you to use the equipment without worrying about maintenance, repair and other upfront payments.

REVIEW YOUR CONTRACTS – If you have been in business for quite a long time, evaluate your contracts, and renegotiate their terms – in this way you will save a lot of money. Cancel the contracts that no more serve your needs and renegotiate the necessary ones to get more favorable deals.

GO GREEN – Being eco friendly also minimizes the cost of running the office. Encourage your staff to turn off all the switches at the end of the shift to save electricity. Turn off lights when not using the meeting room or instead install sensor lights.


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