Services must be provided with care

If your belongings are damaged due to a lack of care by the removal staff, you have a right to challenge this. Ensuring that you are home during the move can certify that you witness any events of poor handling and a lack of care which you can later contest through consumer law. Although you can’t catch everything through observing the process, taking photos of any packed fragile and valuable items can help to avoid damage or loss.

You don’t need to sign contracts you aren’t comfortable with

First and foremost, always ensure that your removals service provides a contract for you to sign. If a company provides you with a contract, but some of the clauses seem unclear, you have the right to question this and ask for a rewritten contract. You can even refuse to sign the contract and seek out a new removals service if it creates a large cause for concern.

You have the right to question costs

If the terms and conditions of your contract seem unclear, you have a right to question the provider about their costs, including any fees or charges if the move takes longer than expected. It may also refer to if your agreed payment is charged at an hourly rate or flat rate. This will certify that you do not receive a bill much higher than what you anticipated at the end of your moving process.

At Removalist On The Run, we pride ourselves on being clear and honest about all of our processes. We take care to ensure all removals are completed on time and within your budget and will always go the extra mile to have your products handled with delicacy. For your next move, there’s nobody better to choose!

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