Are you thinking of moving to another neighbourhood, city, or even to another state or territory? There’s a lot to consider, like arranging for a new job or choosing the right school for your children, so having to worry about the move itself can sometimes simply add extra stress!

It is essential that your move be organised, and one of the best ways of doing this is with a checklist. It could be physical (a good idea) or a simple mental checklist, but what matters is that you’ve got a clear and organised system to facilitate the move and to reduce stress as much as possible. Below are a few simple steps to planning your move, so feel free to add depth to any section and create your own organised checklist:

Set Up a Reasonable Timeline and Schedule

Planning for your move is extremely important if you want to avoid headaches and stress, and there are many ways to ensure you plan for the best. You could start with something like SMART goals, for example, which includes setting goals that are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic/Relevant, and Time-bound.

Say you live in Melbourne and were offered a new job in Brisbane and are scheduled to begin in early June. Moving to Brisbane is the overall goal, and you already know specifically the what, where, and why, and have a reasonable when as well.

Make sure to have a bit of a buffer and to schedule your move at the right time. Cutting too close to the date can be disastrous if an unforeseen event occurs, whereas going too early might also not be ideal if you still have to work from your current address.

Arrange Your Finances and Budget for the Move

Moving costs time, but it certainly costs money. You’ll need to find a new place to live and cover the deposit, perhaps purchase a transport pass or at least pay for petrol to get you there, and you may need to use a self-storage facility for some valuables.

Overall, there are many costs that contribute to the total cost of moving, so it’s important to budget properly. Choosing a good moving company will add another cost, but if they’re professional and experienced they can help you cut down on costs overall.

Pack and Organise Your Belongings

The actual moving starts with packing up all of your belongings and arranging to have them transported to the new destination. Doing this yourself can be extremely time-consuming, and transporting it over long distances can be a real challenge.

Pick up some boxes and packing tape, use spare blankets to cover items, and get to work sorting out your belongings room by room. For transport, leave the job to a professional mover instead.

Contact Utility and Service Providers

Before hitting the road and ideally done reasonably well in advance, notify your insurance provider, internet service provider, bank, utility companies, or anyone else sending you bills or services that you’re moving.

Prepare for the Move

Whether you were renting a unit or you’re selling a home to move, you’ll need to have it cleaned for a new tenant or the new buyer, whatever the case may be.

Also consider the distance required for the move and whether or not you need to spend the night in a hotel overnight. If you’ve hired a moving company, you could also simply catch a plane to your destination and wait for the moving company to arrive.

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