After living in one place for a long time, it’s only natural to feel restless and wonder what life would be like in a new city. A lot of younger Australians seem to gravitate towards Melbourne when wanting to make a move, thanks to its many positives. However, there are also negatives, so let’s look at the pros and cons of moving to Melbourne.


Plenty of day trips outside the city

Melbourne is a great place for those who enjoy the city lifestyle but also want to get away on the weekends. You don’t have to drive longer than a couple of hours to get to some of then best day trip (or longer!) spots in Victoria.

Activities for every interest

Whether you’re into spending your weekends wandering galleries and museums, going to concerts and festivals, enjoying the great outdoors, or partying the night away, Melbourne has plenty of options.

Heaven for sports fans

Melbourne is one of the world’s sporting capitals, and some even say it’s the capital. AFL fans have a choice of 18 different teams to follow, or if you prefer tennis, then why not attend the Australian Open? It’s held in Melbourne every year.

Perfect location for foodies and coffee-lovers

Melbourne is home to many different cultures, making the city a haven for incredible cuisine to suit any palate. Coffee is also a priority in Melbourne, so there is no shortage of great coffee and cool cafes to enjoy it in.


The unpredictable weather

The first thing on anyone’s list of negatives about Melbourne? The weather. It is so unpredictable, and while you might be dressed for the warm weather in the morning, it could quickly go dark and rainy, leaving you freezing. It can make planning outdoor activities tricky.

The high cost of living

Melbourne is an expensive place to live in. Rents are high and so are the property prices. You need to be prepared for your money to not go as far if you move here.

The location compared to other countries

If you’re a traveller, you might need to reconsider a Melbourne move. It costs a lot more to fly to places like Europe than it does from other Australian cities such as Perth, thanks to its remote location.

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