Melbourne winters are cold, rainy, and overall very ‘blah’. Combine a house move with this gloomy weather, and you’re likely having trouble facing it. You’ll be pleased to know, however, that there are things you can do to make a Melbourne move in winter virtually stress-free.

Here’s how you can make the move much easier, even in the midst of a wet and cold Melbourne winter.

Make sure you don’t pack all your warm clothes or your closed-in shoes

Don’t get caught short on moving day by having packed all your weather-appropriate clothes in the previous days. You need to be able to keep warm while still moving easily and keeping comfortable. You should also keep out a pair or two of joggers or other slip-resistant shoes to keep yourself safe in the wet weather.

Pack in plastic, not cardboard

If it’s raining on moving day (which is highly likely during a Melbourne winter), then you’ll quickly see why cardboard boxes are a bad idea. They aren’t water-proof, or even water-resistant, so they’ll quickly start falling apart. Your items will suffer water damage as well.

The best thing to do is use plastic crates and boxes so that your items stay dry despite the wet weather. If your move is during winter, start stocking up on plastic crates as soon as possible to spread out the expense. You can also rent them. If you can’t get plastic boxes, use garbage bags or cling wrap to help keep your cardboard boxes safe from the weather.

Keep floors and the inside of your moving van dry and safe

Wet weather means slippery floors and shoes, and when you’re lifting boxes and other heavy items it’s an accident waiting to happen. Use old towels, sheets or other types of non-slip fabric to put down for added protection. It also stops dirt and mud from being tracked into your new home (or your old one).

Take extra care when driving your moving truck or van

Roads become more dangerous in the wet, and you’re probably not used to driving a van or truck. This adds up to a much higher chance of an accident, so it’s worth taking out transit insurance to give yourself and your items more protection.

Call in professional removalists to take away all the stress of moving

At Removalist On The Run, we’ve been helping people move in Melbourne through all seasons. We know what provisions to take, especially during winter, to keep your belongings safe. We have protective materials like plastic crates to stop the wet weather from damaging your items, and we’re also fully insured for your peace of mind.

If you want a move that’s stress-free, even in the middle of a Melbourne winter, talk to Removalist On The Run now for your free quote.

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