The real fact is that the renters have to keep moving from time to time. Either the landlord wants to sell or upgrade the property or you simply need to move to a new space. Most of the tenants are very well aware of the inconvenience of packing and moving, but you might not be aware of the hidden costs sometimes. Following is what it costs while renting and moving.

FEES FOR BREAKING THE LEASE EARLY – Are you planning to move out before the tenancy agreement ends? If so, there are possibilities you might have to pay the landlord the fee. Although this is not a cost that everyone has to incur, it is recommended to go through the tenancy agreement always.

END OF LEASE CLEANING – When moving out, you need to leave the property clean and tidy, ready for the new tenant to move in. Irrespective of whether you hire a professional cleaner or buy the cleaning supplies to DIY, you need to bear the cost either way.

HIRING THE REMOVALISTS – Unless you own a truck, you need to hire a removalist for the job of at least transporting the heavy and larger items. When changing properties every year, this is one cost that is primary and can’t be ignored.

END OF LEASE UTILITY BILLS – Before moving out, you’ll need to cancel utilities such as electricity, water, gas, internet and organize the funds to pay the amount after the final reading. There will also be a fee for setting up these utilities in the new home too.

BOND FOR NEW HOME – While you look forward to getting the rental bond back from the previous property, don’t forget that you’ll have to pay the bond for the new place. Still, keep aside some extra money to cover the bond of your new home until the previous one is refunded.

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