Moving is a big job, and can be costly. Hiring professional movers to help with the move is probably one of the best expenses you can make as it will take off a lot of burden, and the professionals will ensure safety of your goods.

Read on below to see how to estimate costs of your move, with tips on where you can save on costs.

Determine What you Need to Take

Of course the more you are moving from one place to another, the more costly it may be. Get a general idea of what you need to pack and take with you, and what you can cull out. The more space your goods will occupy, the bigger the shipment will be, and likely more heavy. Further, the more things there are, the longer they will take to load and then unload.

A way to save costs is to pack the smaller, and less fragile items yourself. Use your own packaging materials and save costs. Recycling your junk mail and newspaper to use to pack things will be a good cost-saver, and environmentally friendly.


This may not be something you can skimp on – the distance. The longer the distance between the pick up and drop off location, the possibility of higher transportation costs.

Get quotes for this, and try and determine the cheaper option. The more local your move is considered, the better it will be for your pocket.

When Will you Move?

When you move can also affect your costs. If you choose to move over the weekends, then it is likely that your costs will be more, as opposed to moving on a weekday. Sometimes seasons can also affect the price ie. More pricey to mover over summertime. And also the time of day could also be a factor.

Peak times may incur higher costs, so opt for off-peak times to save, and to give you an estimate on your overall costs.

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