During the current Covid-10 pandemic, the concept of moving your business interstate can be a rather daunting task. The positive thing is that with the right advice and a solid strategy, the process of moving the office interstate during the pandemic a little easier and less stressful for employees as well as yourself. While some of these things will sort post-arrival, there are some effective strategies you can do to prepare for a COVID safe move.

DECLUTTER YOUR BELONGINGS – When moving your office interstate reduce the volume of the items you need to move. When you’ll declutter, you will end up saving on your moving costs. You can make some extra money by selling off the items that no more serve the purpose. Without clutter, it will become easier and quicker to set up your new office premises.

PREPARE THE NEW OFFICE PREMISES – Prior to your move, visit the new office premises – this will help you avoid potential problems by addressing and fixing them first. If you want your new space to be painted, get it done. Create a list of needed repairs and fixtures.

CREATE AN INVENTORY LIST – Even when you hire professional removalists, it is vital to keep track of all items in your office. Create a digital list and keep a hard copy for your own records.

PREPARE THE NEW SPACE – Get all your utilities transferred so that the new office space is fully operational by the time the employees arrive. Get the parking cards ready for the employees. Know the loading and unloading zones.

NOTIFY CUSTOMER / CLIENTS – Create an email campaign stating “We’re moving” to update your customers, clients and partners. Send at least 2-3 emails marked as important. In these emails, make sure to mention the updated business address and contact number.


Since there is a lot of heavy lifting involved in an office move, it’s recommended to hire professional removalists. The team at Removalist on the Run will take care of your office interstate move in the most efficient and safest way possible.

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