Moving to a new office, especially at the end of a lease is a lengthy process. You will have a lot of bulky and delicate items that need to be moved before a specific date to ensure that you do not incur any late moving fees. While it can seem stressful, utilising the following tips can certify that you will have the correct processes in place to move out on time.

Plan ahead

Unless your lease is expiring unexpectedly, you will have a general idea of when your lease is ending. As such, planning ahead by booking in a removals service, counting your furniture and stock, and planning how you will lay out all of your furniture in your new space can cut hours off of your move.

Find a moving company that is certified and insured

Finding a company that is licensed to carry out your moving process is essential. This is because unlicensed removalists are not covered for any damage that they may cause and can be unreliable, potentially causing you thousands of dollars in extra expenses. Not only this but having a removalist scope out your current office space to estimate the time and manpower it will take, ensured that you will receive an accurate quote and not be surprised with any excess expenses.

Have a plan for reconnecting all of your technology

Most offices use many computers, networks, printers, scanners and more to effectively operate. All of this will need to be unplugged and disconnected when moving, meaning that you will need to reconnect it all when your furniture arrives at your new office space. This is a job that is not within your removalists scope of works, meaning that you will need to find a team member or outsource a specialist who is confident in reconnecting your technology. As your removalist has completed similar jobs in the past, asking them for a recommended technician is a great way to find a trustworthy solution.

At Removalist On The Run, we know that moving from one office to another, and in effect disrupting days of work, can be stressful. We are here to help complete this process as quickly as possible so you and your team can get back to work ASAP. Contact us today for a free quote.

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